20th-Cent. Painting 現代絵画

Twentieth-Century Painting Traditions

The Manyo’an Collection includes several styles of twentieth-century painting and calligraphy in a variety of formats—scrolls, screens, and albums. Highlights include major examples by important artists who worked in schools that flourished from the early Edo period: Fukuda Kodojin (Nanga or literati style), Kamisaka Sekka (Rinpa style), and Nantenbo, Tesshu, Deiryu, and Genpo (Zen style). All of these artists displayed unusual vitality and originality, reinvigorating the old traditions. Kamisaka Sekka revitalized the Rinpa tradition with his remarkable design sense in scrolls, screens, prints, and lacquer. Fukuda Kodojin reinvigorated the three-hundred-year-old Nanga school with his haiku and landscape paintings. Nantenbo, Tesshu, and Deiryu continued the tradition of later Zen painting pioneered by Hakuin (a major painter also represented in the Man’yoan collection). The Nihonga style of painting is represented to a lesser extent by the work of Takeuchi Seiho, Tsuji Kako, and Tomita Keisen. Late twentieth-century calligraphy is represented by the bold work of Munakata Shiko and Suda Kokuta.

A 20th-century painting from the collection (left):

Kamisaka SEKKA (1866–1942)
Gathering of Waka Poets
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Other specific examples of 20th-century paintings from the collection (click images for detailed info & larger images):

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