Ceramics 陶芸

An example of the Ceramics from the collection (left):

TSUJIMURA Shiro (born 1947)
Five Iga eating plates
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Ceramics have always played a major role in the history of Japanese art, notably in the tea ceremony and in flower arrangement, and the medium remains of vital interest today.

The Manyo’an Collection has many excellent examples of older ceramics—storage jars, mizusashi, and flower vases from some of the “ancient kilns”— ceramics from Yayoi, Jomon, Hagi, Kamakura, Muramachi, and Momoyama periods collected over the past 40 years.

Significant examples of folk pottery (mingei) works by Hamada Shoji, Kitaoji Rosanjin, and Kawai Kanjiro were added to the collection in the last two decades.

Most recently we have concentrated on modern and contemporary ceramics, where skill, originality, and creativity are paramount. Many of these potters continue in the tradition of the so-called Six Ancient Kilns (Bizen, Echizen, Seto, Shigaraki, Tamba, Tokoname), but they also are innovators who produce exciting new sculptural forms. Among the many 20th-century potters who are represented in the collection are Kakurezaki Ryuichi, Kato Tsubusa, Fukami Sueharu, Tsujimura Shiro, Koie Ryoiji, Akiyama Yo, and Takiguchi Kazuo. They are just a few of our many favorites actively creating exciting new works today.


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